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    <br>Want to enjoy the movie that your coworker informed you about? Oh no! You forgot the satellite TV channel which is showing the movie and you are not getting her on phone… now what will you do? Will you leave all hopes of watching the movie and try to get some sleep instead? Or, you are going to find out the channel on which movie will be shown? The later seems like a good idea, isn’t it? But how are you going to find that out? There must be a hundred channel offered by your satellite TV channel and it not practically possible to browse through each of the channel content manually. That will take you ages! Well, not if you have DISH Network at home. With the pay TV provider at your home there is no need to panic over a single show. With the great new interactive feature from DISH Network, you can get access to your desired programs quickly and effectively. <br> This excellent feature from DISH Network is well known as the electronic programming guide. The feature is also called EPG. This amazing feature can help you find your favorite programs quickly and in a timely manner. This electronic program guide is nothing but a virtual database or a list of a kind that contains information about all the programs running on all the channels. You can get programming schedule for more than two days at once with the program guide. This way you can see and select the programs you want to watch and keep yourself free during that period of time. The program guide has a tabular format and contains all the details about the latest offering of all the DISH Network channels. The guide can also help you know a lot about different programs. <br> In case of movies you can get to know the Julia Roberts Movies and TV Shows and their airtime with DISH Network channels. Apart from that you can also get to know a lot of thing about the movie. You can know about the duration of the movie and the name of its directors and actors. You can also know about its genre of the movie as well. In case you cannot make out home the film will be from the title, you can get an idea about the content of the movie from its genre. In case you are watching a program you can get to know at what time the show is going to end. This will help you decide which show you are going to watch and which show are you going to record. <br> The DISH Network programming guide also offers you a chance to record a particular show quickly. If you are short of time and cannot sit to watch an entire show all you have to do is to select the show from programming guide and press the DVR button on your remote control. Recording shows on DISH HD DVR is very easy but this simple task allows you to enjoy a number of shows over and over again. <br> Apart from these there are a number of other features that make DISH Network electronic program guide a bare essential for TV lovers.<br>

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