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    The Deathstalker Scorpion is very dangerous arachnid to come into contact with. They have some of the most dangerous and powerful venoms in the world. They have a powerful sting when they do inject the venom. The sight of the wound may hurt for many hours. This is why they are a type of Scorpion that many people are fearful of. <br> The Deathstalker Scorpion falls into the category of a medium sized Scorpion. They can range in size depending on their location and amount of food. However, they won’t get more than 4 inches in size. The females are usually a full inch larger than the males. They have different coloration too depending on where you find them. <br> This is one Scorpion that has the fluorescent coloring to them. They have a glowing yellow or green to them. They also have limbs that are very thin. This gives them the impression that they are very fragile and even gooey looking. <br> This is also believed to be one of the most aggressive types of Scorpions. They are highly unpredictable. They will bite if they are threatened but they will also bite in order to defend their territory. They have the ability to store up large amounts of food. However, they really don’t need it in order to survive. <br> Even though you can now find the Deathstalker Scorpion just about anywhere, they originally are found in North Africa and the Middle East, Egypt, Ethiopia, and areas of Algeria are common locations where they are found. They tend to do the best in areas that offer plenty of humidity as well as warm temperatures. <br> Mating can be a complex process with the female in complete control over it. She may decide to mate, to chase them off, or to eat them. There is no real understanding of why she makes a particular choice. <br> The gestation period will range from 2 up to 5 months, based on location and food availability. There can be as many as 30 born at one time. <br> In spite of such as serious name, the Deathstalker Scorpion is responsible for very few deaths. Those that do die from it usually don’t seek medical treatment. It can result in the lungs filling up with fluid or VenomIf the airways closing up. The pain will be very intense which is why the first course of action is going to be giving pain medication. Be prepared for paint to come and go over the next several months. It is mainly going to be felt around the joint areas of the body. This is especially true if the bite location is close to a joint. <br> Any time you or someone you know is bitten by a Scorpion it needs to be looked at by medical professionals. Combined with painkillers and antihistamines most people start to feel much better in a couple of hours. En route to the hospital you need to apply ice to the area of the bite. This will help to reduce pain and to slow the process of swelling.<br>

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