Paleoenvironment, Paleomagnetism and basin Dynamics Seminars

Team meetings on Wednesdays 16-17h

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2021-06-30 Open date

2021-06-23 Open date

2021-06-16 Open date

2021-06-09 Sietske Batenburg topic to be announced.

2021-06-02 : Glissement sous-marin en Nouvelle Zélande, basé sur les données de l’expédition IODP 372

Morgane Brunet. Géosciences Rennes

2021-05-26 Reconstitution des paysages jurassiques namibiens…avec des dinosaures!

Aëla Radenac M2 Géosciences Rennes

2021-05-19 Terra Antiqua QGIS paleogeographic tool

Diego Ruiz. Géologue. MSc Potsdam University.

2021-04-14 ? Paleogene source to sink of Paris basin ?

Nicolas Marie

2021-03-31 Open date

2021-03-24 . Islands of Okavango, a geochemical bio-reactor

  1. Olivier Dauteuil: Geochemical aspects.
  2. Marc Jolivet: Field aspects (with exciting photos).

2021-03-17 ITN project Source 2 Sink

  1. Cécile Robin : Overall presentation of the ITN project S2S (10 mn + discussion).
  2. Iwan Setiawan : previous MSc research and PhD topic. (10 mn + discussion).
  3. Takis Panagiotis : Presentation of PhD topic (10 mn + discussion)

Iwan Setiawan

  • PhD research topic. Mantle dynamics, very long wavelength deformations and large rivers source to sink systems: the case example of Africa (Congo, Nile).
  • Seismic characterization of a Late Miocene cacliclastic deep-water fan in the Phu Khanh Basin, Offshore Vietnam

Takis Panagiotis

  • PhD research topic. Short term climatic events in icehouse periods and their effects on source to sink systems: the case examples of the Aptian events (OAE 1a et 1b) along the Tethyan Margin of Tunisia.
  • MSc thesis – The Structural Development of the Vestbakken Volcanic Province, Western Barents Sea. Relation Between Faults and Folds

2021-02-24 Seminar Kick off meeting.

Open discussions on the modus of the seminar and especially set the dates of presentations.