Dr. Phillip Jardine

(Now at University of Münster)


Research interest

  • Palaeobiogeography, macroecology and macroevolution, with particular emphasis on terrestrial plants and mammals.
  • Biotic change during the early Palaeogene, with a recent focus on rapid warming during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), as part of the Bighorn Basin Coring Project.
  • Computational palaeoecology, especially the measurement of diversity and compositional change through time, with an emerging interest in model-fitting procedures and simulation studies.
  • Palynology, with specific interests in Palaeogene pollen and spore taxonomy and systematics, pollen wall chemistry as a UV-B irradiance proxy and taxonomic tool, and the controls on pollen morphological diversification.


Low-latitude Holocene hydroclimate derived from lake sediment flux and geochemistry (2016-05)
Parker, Adrian G.; Preston, Gareth W.; Parton, Ash; Walkington, Helen; Jardine, Phillip E.; Leng, Melanie J. and Hodson, Martin J.
Journal of Quaternary Science, 31(4) (pp. 286-299)

Descent toward the icehouse: Eocene sea surface cooling inferred from GDGT distributions (2015-07-27)
Inglis, Gordon N.; Farnsworth, Alexander; Lunt, Daniel; Foster, Gavin L.; Hollis, Christopher J.; Pagani, Mark; Jardine, Phillip E.; Pearson, Paul N.; Markwick, Paul; Galsworthy, Amanda M.J.; Raynham, Lauren; Taylor, Kyle W.R. and Pancost, Richard D.
Paleoceanography, 30(7) (pp. 1000-1020)

The impact of oxidation on spore and pollen chemistry (2015-07)
Jardine, Phillip E.; Fraser, Wesley T.; Lomax, Barry H. and Gosling, William D.
Journal of Micropalaeontology, 34(2) (pp. 139-149)

Pollen and spores as a passive monitor of ultraviolet radiation (2014-04-22)
Fraser, Wesley; Lomax, Barry H.; Jardine, Phillip E.; Gosling, William D. and Sephton, Mark A.
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution: Paleoecology, 2, Article 12 (pp. 1-3)

Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP): a continental perspective on early Paleogene hyperthermals (2013-11-05)
Clyde, W. C.; Gingerich, P. D.; Wing, S. L.; Röhl, U.; Westerhold, T.; Bowen, G.; Johnson, K.; Baczynski, A. A.; Diefendorf, A.; McInerney, F.; Schnurrenberger, D.; Noren, A.; Brady, K.; Acks, R.; Belcher, C.; Collinson, M.; D'Ambrosia, A.; Denis, E.; Freeman, K.; Harrington, G.; Jardine, P.; Kraus, M.; Maibauer, B.; Riedel, J.; Schouten, S.; Tsukui, K.; Weijers, J.; Welter, G.; Wittkopp, F. and Wood, A.
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Jardine, Phillip E.; Harrington, Guy J. and Stidham, Thomas A.
Paleobiology, 38(1) (pp. 15-39)

Grit not grass: concordant patterns of early origin of hypsodonty in Great Plains ungulates and glires (2012)
Jardine, Phillip E.; Janis, Christine M.; Sahney, Sarda and Benton, Michael J.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 365 (pp. 1-10)

Radiation and extinction patterns in Permian floras from North China as indicators for environmental and climate change (2011)
Stevens, Liadan G.; Hilton, Jason; Bond, David P. G.; Glasspool, Ian J. and Jardine, Phillip E.
Journal of the Geological Society, 168(2) (pp. 607-619)

The Red Hills Mine palynoflora: a diverse swamp assemblage from the late Paleocene of Mississippi, U.S.A (2008)
Jardine, Phillip E. and Harrington, Guy J.
Palynology, 32 (pp. 183-204)