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04/2018 EGU

05/2018 fieldwork in China

Recent events:

Mid-term Meeting in Potsdam

We have had a great meeting in Potsdam with participants from different parts of the world, including China, South Africa, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and Colombia. All of them are part of the team of the MAGIC project. Most of them, students and postdocs of geology, biology, and palynology. There were also, senior scientists that are advising or co-advising the different individual projects. Finally, there were also scientists working in Potsdam that are interested in learning about the areas of study and the objectives of MAGIC.

The aim of the meeting was to bring together all the team members and to have a common space to share recent results, advances in the individual projects, and discussion. Ultimately, to offer to the students the opportunity to get feedback, to interact, and to ask questions related to geodynamic reconstructions, climate modeling, and proxy. This is important because an extended overview of these considered topics could provide a better direction to reconstruct the climate and paleoenvironments.

New Logo MAGIC!


From March 2018, the project has a new logo, thanks to the ideas of some members of MAGIC and the support of the designer Corinna Kallich, designer here in our Institute in Potsdam.

01/2018 Project Meeting in New Jersey, USA. Guillaume has participated in the 4th Annual Meeting of Hominin sites and paleolakes drilling project at the Rutgers Geology Museum and Rutgers Academic Building


Here are some websites linked to MAGIC and other interesting projects. Enjoy it!!

- https://myapgr.blog/

- Myanmar Paleoclimate and Geodynamics Research group

- Uni Potsdam current projects

Events in the past:


- 09/2017 Conference the 'Climatic and Biotic Events of the Paleogene' (CBEP) in Salt Lake City (N. Meijer)

- Paleomagnetism labwork at University of Utah, Salt Lake City (N. Meijer)

- Paleosciences and Tectonic communities at the University of Washington, Seattle (N. Meijer)

- 08-09/2017 Fieldwork in Tajikistan (M. Kaya, G. Dupont-Nivet)

- http://www.uni-potsdam.de/up-entdecken/aktuelle-themen/universitaetsmagazine.html

- 05-06/2017 Fieldwork in China

- https://www.univ-rennes1.fr/actualites/09032017/10-ans-du-

- 01/2017 Project meeting in Arizona, USA


- 12/2016 Fieldwork in Myanmar

- 11/2016 Project meeting in Rennes, France

- 10/2016 Teaching at Peking University, China

- 08-09/2016 Fieldwork in Tajikistan

- 05-06/2016 Fieldwork NE Tibet, China

- 04/2016 Biogeography meeting. University of Leipzig, Germany

- 02/2016 Fieldwork in Myanmar